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Mountain Falling into Place

Perhaps it is the thiner air up there or the greatness of nature or my serotonin dancing that makes it all look so simple, my daily problems so small, even ridiculous. All suddenly falls into place. I choose one of my business or coaching challenges before my hike starts and then don't think about it consciously during my hike. I anyway have to focus 100% on my steps, every and each of them. I choose one challenge, sometimes I even write it down, because I believe in the incredible capabilities of our subconscious mind (such as brain working alone on our problems, without bothering us - or better without being bothered by us). When I come back down into the valley, although exhausted, I feel lighter and burst of energy. And the solution of my challenge appears crystal clear within next 24 hours. Push your muscles always a little beyond your limits, it will relax and clear your mind. You will push your focus away from daily problems. And after, when your muscles will take time to recover, your relaxed mind will give you a result of its "work in peace". Short breaks helps solving small problems, longer breaks help by bigger challenges. By a very long break you could even find your authentic self! Be careful! ;-)

Photo: Mateja Kramar (Hike & climb @Mutschen peak; September 2018)

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