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Nature will not miss Humans

What a stunning beauty! What a peaceful spot! Millions of years peacefully waiting for the better future 🍀☀️🦋❤️ Makes me think: Nature doesn’t talk. It flows. It changes respectfully to all involved. And goes on. No harm. Pure peaceful survival and LIFE! Only homo sapiens talks, annoys, goes against the nature, kills and harms the nature, creates all kinds of devastating pollution, ruins, makes disturbing noises, plays crazy wars and conflicts for quasi power and causes daily real pain and suffering to the innocent nature creatures (including countless humans). Nature must know and is probably hardly waiting that this crazy failed and out of control project called „Homo Sapiens“ ends. That this disruptive innovation of one selfish monkey team eliminates itself from this beautiful planet asap. For it causes too much harm. Even parts of project -some people who are amazingly integrated and connected with the nature, they don’t help, they are not enough. The majority sucks. Most selfishly go on, pretending they care. But of course they don’t give a s*it about nature, sustainability or small own personal deeds for the planet. Otherwise planet will get better and better not worse and worse. Digital transformation will perhaps shut the human brain down and let them/us become primates again. Or better simply disappear. We are on a great way of complete self destruction. I hope we succeed, before too much nature, too many sensible animals will suffer from one blown up project called Homo Sapiens. It is too late anyway, but never too late, too. Yep, contradictio in adiecto. I can even imagine what a great plan we were at first! What an amazing pitch must have had our founder - some fancy monkey keynote speaker! Well, s/he will surely have a great show on Nature’s Fuckup event, too! Soon! Nature learned on this mistake a lot! What an expensive school. It definitely suffers enormously! 😑😏😞 Back to normal soon! We will be gone before one dawn.

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