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dog written backwards is god

Dogs are exceptionally sensible. Scientists keep on proving new discoveries about dogs and their supernatural capabilities. My dog today (English Labrador named Ludvik) is my fifth and most incredible of all I had. But regarding whom to trust or be friends with he is way too kind, they call him Little Buddha. He is way too gentle to everyone, excepting all kinds of people, forgiving everyone, wants to make everyone around him happy and to make the best day of their lives. He believes that all people (and dogs) are truly good deep inside. Some are only good more deeper-hidden than the others. Or are „too busy“ to be kind. But that’s Ludvik‘s perception of the world. That’s why he is such a fascinating therapist. They say that the dog is a mirror of his owner. If this is true, this is the best compliment I can get. And if I influenced on his behavior, I must have done (and am still doing) an amazing job. I only hope we-people would be more like dogs. Especially regarding mindfulness: no dwelling on past, no worries about the future, be fully here and now- for it is all we‘ve got. And if we do and give our best today, it’s the most we can do for a great tomorrow.

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