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Attitude Defines Altitude

I think our attitude is our key characteristic in all areas of life. By being a friend, a partner, a parent, a colleague, a leader, a doctor, a salesman, a sister or brother, an athlete, a dog trainer, a mentor, a volunteer, an circus acrobat, a dancer, a world citizen or a lunatic. I believe the attitude is contagious. The positive, helping and kind people will automatically lift us up even on our stormiest day. And the negative, egocentric and arrogant people will (try to) pull us down even on our brightest day. We must surround ourselves with as many positive people as possible. Yet we can never completely avoid the arrogant ones; but we should never let them drag us down to their level. Keep your attitude, keep your grace and your integrity. For our attitude defines our altitude. On a short and even more on a long run. And by attitude I don’t mean certain status, a fancy title or a powerful position. But I mean the altitude of true respect by others, the altitude of our light that brights the darkest corners of many around us and altitude of our spirit that inspires others to keep the positive attitude no matter what. Be confident that kindness and smile will take us the long, happy and purposeful way.

(Photo: Mateja Kramar: My beloved Alpstein hike, September 15, 2018)

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