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Cigarette Butts Horror

I have never smoked (anything). I never even tried. Some things simply don’t even cross my mind. Same with coffee or other for most people very „normal“ life things and decisions. Weird or boring in this sense, I don’t really care. I am even very happy about it. Knowing that cigarette filters are so polluting, smoking gets yet another pollution side, beside „polluting“ smokers‘ lungs. (Sorry, dear smoking friends and colleagues for being annoying here.) The vast majority of the 5.6 trillion cigarettes manufactured worldwide each year come with filters made of cellulose acetate, a form of plastic that can take a decade or more to decompose. As many as two-thirds of those filters are dumped irresponsibly each year. People sometimes dump that trash directly on to beaches but, more often, it washes into the oceans from countless storm drains, streams and rivers around the world. The waste often disintegrates into microplastics easily consumed by wildlife. Researchers have found the detritus in some 70 percent of seabirds and 30 percent of sea turtles!!! And here I am repeating myself again: if we are careless regarding human existence and health, we shouldn’t be selfish towards other innocent species.

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