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Where cheese grows

Going to places where cheese "grows" (especially if you are cheeesoholic, like me), is an adventure. Best cheeses are made usually or on the high hardly reachable mountains or in hidden caves or tiny strange name villages. So you have to do some walking, have some time, make an effort. Which all brings you to an amazing experience of tasting, a good story behind the cheese and some cheese shopping.

In Switzerland many such "shops" are in no Google or Trip Advisor or any map. You have to go and find them on the way while you get lost. And it all makes sense! And tastes great! If you knock the door with a smile, you will get them open with a smile, too.

This one is on Alpe Petrusio. So pure and so cute and such an amazing spot that cheese can only be so good as it would be made by angels. And for angles.

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