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Grateful for million things

What a day to hike high towards the sky! It is Swiss 727th birthday today! 🇨🇭

Grateful to be here and to be able to:

- Have both sight and vision.

- Walk and get intentionally lost to find new ways.

- Know how to listen with my heart to hear those who have no voice.

- Close my eyes, stop for a while and feel my enthusiasm beat inside.

- Take all failures as great lessons, all victories as my inner treasures.

- Use what I've learned till today to help others and ease their ways.

- Put all my energy & passion into action.

- Be aware that today we are all the oldest we ever were and the youngest we will ever be.

- Keeping my inner child as my wise and smartest guide. 😉

Photo: (Mateja Kramar, Mind-blowing hike @3’135 m)

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