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Team Work

The photo is more of a joke, but the truth is that one of them main reasons startup teams are not successful is in the (wrong) team. Whether it’s about the non appropriate skills, interpersonal conflicts, immaturity/irresponsibility or a simply badly chosen people. People’s problems too many times bring the startup to fail or fall apart. Getting the team right should one of your top priorities or (any, not only startup) business is at risk. In my opinion two most important attributes of every team member are attitude and integrity. Skills and knowledge are easy to learn, experience come with hard work and time, talents are given and can be fostered. But attitude and integrity are priceless and very hard (if at all) to learn, achieve, let alone foster. They are simply there or they are not. Good thing is, you can notice them both pretty fast and can not be faked (for a long time). Good team is not about being friends or think and work the same. It’s about different skills and views that build a sophisticated communication structure that is able to simplify the complex problems to enable easily implemented solutions with a twist to win the market. Vision, dreams and goals have to be the same. The art and style of dance are not the keys, rhythm and passion are.

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