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Wise by Experience

Years per se will not make you smarter or more prepared for whatever happens in life. Experience will. We can jump over 2-5 years with certain crazy abnormal experience that pushes our growth and awareness. But we can not overtake 10, 20, 30 years that are (un)fortunately needed for our wisdom, balance, insights, comprehension, judiciousness, acumen, sophistication and even enlightenment. Yet it’s up to us what we do each day, week and year to come asap to the point where we realize that life shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Facts are: Sitting and reading "how to" will not give you skills and practice you need to foster your talents. Online relationships will not shape your attitude and communication skills as much as a strong handshake, listening with looking in the eyes, a warm smile, a sincere hug and respectful manners will. You have to shine your energy in the space you are in. Fill the batteries through studying, sports and switch-off, and then bring it on. Work it out! And since through failure and struggle most successes and innovations are achieved, keeping stamina at the highest level is the key! Monday is backstage getting ready, the first and last time on July 16, 2018, so embrace its every minute!

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