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Not Giving a F*ck

A wise woman one said "F*ck this shit" ... and lived happily ever after. Yep, wish me luck on this road!

Or like Helen Mirren said, looking back, she’d advise her younger self to say ‘F*ck off’ more and stop being so bloody polite. Well at least saying to myself to care less for so many non important stuff, events, things and thoughts. That would be an achievement already. Not only for myself as being happier at the end, but I believe people who balance their "f*cks" appropriately are generally more easygoing and so influencing others to be and do the same. Balanced and peaceful people are contagious. At lest for those who wish to balance their f*cks. Yep, sorry, no better word here, "F" word in all its shapes is an absolute winner in all contests and brainstormings (have to laugh here - what a f*ucking drama around one brilliant word!).

So, being happy means being at peace and balanced and be able to care for the right things (to give a f*ck) and not care for (so many endless) things (not giving a f*ck). Simple, not easy. Do you ever master it? Hm, na ja. We certainly can train ourselves, but we are also constantly changing and are different every year and even more every decade. So our priorities change, our growth usually shows us that the most important things are in us or very close and near us all the time. And for these we should give all our attention and energy. We are taking for granted usually the most important and precious things. Opening our eyes before we lose something is surely the way to that balance we need to say that we are happy, content and at peace.

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