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My Favourite Way up to my Heart

Why would you go the same hike over and over again? Because some magic places and challenges are worth repeating through your different self. You can recognise how you progress, observe and perceive differently technically the same places. But since also places change, no way, no path and no hike is ever the same.

This time I was hiking up and I hd such energy that I actually don't know when I came up. It was so easy, so fast. Or was I soapy to be here again and impatient to see the view from the top with my today's eyes and heart?!

Always when I come up to Meglisalp plateau, I want to stop. Stop the time, stop my time. I breath and try to memorise every sound very color and every light and shadow communicating with each other. I try to communicate with them. By simply be there. Present, silent, OFF my daily brain amusement park. And I sit. And put my shoes off. Feet in ice cold running water. Head in the grass. Eyes up into eternity. Peace. It.

What now? Looking forward to return. What else?! Into case of my solitude where I can finally talk quietly to myself and sort thing out. I always return from the mountain as from the general cleaning or inventory of the heart. All is sorted out, all is in its place, trash taken out, parasites and viruses killed. When descending down to "my" lake, I swim into it like a baptist ritual to sprint on into a fresh new adventures.

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