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Happiness Responsibility

Since we forget most of our dreams, we better live them.

Unhappy people are the biggest evil in the world. In the families, in teams, in companies, in politics, on the roads, everywhere. So, happiness is not some fancy romantic state in soap operas. It is everyone’s responsibility. Happiness as finding your meaning, your purpose and your peace of mind. And of course I am not talking about those with any psychological illness or serious life problems. I am talking about 90% completely “ok” people who are daily ruining our environment and are even hurting us due to some marginal vain reasons or goo reasons - it does not matter. It is irresponsible.

I see such people in every team, in every family. Like a trend - being unhappy negative as*hole. By mentoring I 90% of time talk with my mentee about these energy suckers, almost nothing about the mentee his/her self.

We all know one of such negative energy person around us. And we all wish not to be close or hope s/he will leave or something. But they never do. Mean, hateful, aggressive, gossipy, criticising, negative, pessimistic, naggers, complainers and cynic people are all only unhappy people. They like an acid eat so many gentle humble shinning souls.

They are probably not even reading this. And even if they do, they don’t recognise themselves in it. Narcissism is a core root of unhappy/negative/critic people.

It is nobody’s responsibility for anybody to be happy. It is ours. It is a self-employment, if you wish. And if you have a reason to be unhappy, go, find help. Not only for yourself, but also for all around you. And we all know that no quantity of things or money will bring happiness. Happiness is about meaning, self love and respect, forgiveness, gratefulness, spirituality, small things, seeing, hearing, listening, helping others, walking, laughing, even crying, breathing, sleeping and waking up every morning. Alive. And experiencing new day, your life. Happiness is a daily work. And it is like a sailing wind: sometimes it is calm bonanza, sometimes ideal maestral, sometimes bora or tsunami. But after the storms, the skies are the clearest. That’s called experiencing life. And we should find meaning even in the storms. Because they change us, makes us stronger, helps grow.

Do and be what makes you happy. It does not matter what it is and how you do it. It is your life. For me it is in: wind, sailing, mountains, waters, forests, animals, dance, music, work, books, solitude, great company, rain, sun, all kind of sports, cooking, writing, painting and helping others to be happy. Well and ice cream.

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