June 30, 2018

I used to be angry as a little girl since my parents and family called me “WHY”. They said WHY is my middle name. I used to ask Why? for EVERYTHING. Or better Why-Why Why Why?!?! I wanna know why?!?! My parents said I was so curious that it was exhausting. Plus I was a rebel. Great combination. They joke I was such a cute little girl untill I started to talk (age 2-3?). Hm, not very long :-)

We are all laughing today about it. Probably because I moved out 25 years ago :-)

Today I am proud, looking back. I remember I didn’t do anything without explanation. It daily took longer to move on, but it was worth it, I guess. I hope I am still the same today. 

So: question EVERYTHING! Every day. WHY? HOW?  Actually Why not?So: question EVERYTHING! Every day. WHY? HOW? Actually  WHY NOT?





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