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No Shortcuts to the Most Beautiful Things in Life

There is no shortcut to the most beautiful mountains. No cableways. You have to take the path by yourself, step by step. And every step counts. Many times you can fall or stumble on your way to the peak, and get up again. But some paths are so dangerous that you should take every single step 100% conscious and fit. Or your fall is too deep. The same it is in entrepreneurship. Think good which “mountain” you want to climb. And with whom. The more magic the mountain, the harder the way up. You depend mostly or completely on yourself. Regardless all the people around you. As in every other thing in life. The sooner you realize this, the easier. Plus: you have to be top fit psychologically and physically. As for the mountains. As for any challenging task. But perhaps you want to join the peaks where the cableway takes you up. Much easier, very comfortable and secure. Many people are up there, you are not alone. Not everyone is an entrepreneur. It is not so much about learned entrepreneurial skills as it is about the attitude and character. Just be sure you are happy with your path and your scenery. And remember: you can always descend and try another “mountain”. There are plenty of them.

Photo: Mateja Kramar (Dangerous one, but worth every step)

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