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Your True Self

At the end you will not remember being perfect or what was expected from you. You will remember with full joy in your heart the moments you allowed yourself being YOUR TRUE SELF-YOUR TRUE YOU. Even if by breaking the rules (or then you will remember it even more). Not only at home, alone with yourself or only with best friends, but in life with others, at work, in public, in communication and in everything you do. But first you have to find your true self and figure yourself out. Not easy since we are allowed to be ourselves only till around our age of 2. And then when you find YOURSELF, go, do it, be! Go for and be your own unique, unrepeatable and extraordinary imperfection of yours! So go, climb that amazing mountain of yours! This mountain is you, this mountain is your dream, your purpose and all the things that make your heart beat faster. And don’t forget: allow yourself being happy.

(Photo: Mateja Kramar, Above 2500m)

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