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Have You Always Done It That Way?

The Most Dangerous Phrase: We’ve Always Done It That Way. Repeating the same kills development and innovation. The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles. Organisations today have to re-invent themselves every 2-3 years. We-people need to re-invent ourselves every 1-3 years. Growth, adaptability, pace and flexibility today is 10 times faster than only 10 yeas ago. Easiest is to start outside in the nature - our limitless creative environment. I call my long hikes and climbs "Getting Intentionally Lost". It is the best way to experience something new, find new ways, discover new places, challenge myself, test my orientation and creativity when I find myself in the completely unknown, OFF-line, OFF internet, in complete solitude. But ON common sense, ON the basic laws of nature, ON my gut feeling and ON my intuition. I might come home a little later, but completely (re)new(ed) and inspired. How else do you grow if now by trying new things&ways as often as possible? So, when you see a "should go" sign or marked direction, you know where NOT to go if you want to learn and grow. Choose the unknown roads, harder ways, undiscovered paths and take the "impossible" ways. It is only our tiny planet Earth. Think the same at work.

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