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Keep Searching, Keep Moving, Keep Asking, Keep Trying

You feel you could do or be more or do different? Sure you can! KEEP SEARCHING! You feel you are not “privileged” or can not achieve something because of xy reasons? Nope! KEEP ASKING! You failed, things did not go by plan, you even think of giving up? Don’t even dare! KEEP TRYING! You feel stuck, you want to be perfect, you think everyone is better than you and know 100% what they do? Absolutely not! KEEP MOVING! By searching, asking, trying and moving you will eventually find your TRUE self and be the master of your way. Anyway, as everything around you, you are in a constant change and will have to find yourself again in a year, five or ten. And then find or re-invent yourself again. Only reading and listening “How to” and thinking is not enough (at all!). It is only 5%. 90% is ACTION-EXPERIENCE- LEARNING BY DOING! And 5% is LUCK. I call it KARMA. What you give is what you get. Perhaps not today or tomorrow. So be patient (mostly with yourself)! You will be amazed what you can achieve just by going that extra mile every moment you think about giving up.

(Photo: Mateja Kramar, In the move, May 2018)

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