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Nerja in Spring

Europe is such a jewel to me. It shines differently from every corner. You move 100 km and people speak differently, eat differently, have different habits and the nature is different.

I moved to Andalusia for a couple of day. Flying to Malaga and settled near in Nerja. Send, beaches, Spanish language, tapas, siesta, night life and smell that only sea can have. The weather was not at its best as most would say. But for me, stormy, rainy, moody weather always gives those extra deeper colours to the sea and sky. And after rain or storm, the world is like a lighted vivid circus; people come like worms of the houses, cats take their pavements and dogs come out to check what is new to be written on the corners.

Tapas are great way of eating form "free" in Nerja. By every drink you get a tapas. Meaning you are full pretty soon, by both liquid and food. Energy is a mix of street Spanish music and easy going, barely moving citizens and tourists who seem like spend and spent all on their time and money in restaurants, observing life and fill their batteries.

A great change to that small trips bring is more relaxing that any luxury SPA in your hometown. Change is the best relax, the more often the better. Any still, returning back to home to Switzerland is always a great proof that I live on the right place of the planet. Home for me is not a place, it is a feeling. But sometimes we have to take a distance to get a better perspective of what seem too obvious and what we take for granted. We have to miss things and places and people sometimes to realise their worth to us.

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