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Fragile Fragrant Frigiliana

There are those small, little, cute towns that are like small boxes, full of tiny colourful things and each of them means something special and have some special story. Up on a hill near Nerja in Andalusia, Frigiliana looks like a Lady in write, full of colourful accessories. Narrow streets with slippery paved stones makes it dangerous to slide downhill. Flip flops or any summer shoes does not help in feeling safe. Little shops, boutiques, art, home made ceramic and gift shops are bringing little town to life and breathing. Summer must be crazy hot here, so fresh, after rain April was a perfect timing for my visit and scrolling around, searching for intimate corners that might hide something worth building an imaginary story from.

Frigiliana is one of those "must see" little boxes and discover its colourful and vivid details that makes it simply perfect.

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