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Switch OFF

Great ideas come with hard work. But they only appear when you switch off. The more you love your work, as entrepreneurs usually do, the more you will feel you are not working at all. So you need to force yourself and find time to switch off. Hard (core) long hiking in perfect solitude and climbing are my favourite ways of switching from business brainstorming to "where to step next to be safe and stay alive". When on top of the mountain or after some physical training, where you storm up your whole body, believe me: those business solutions are all of a sudden a piece of cake! Always good to have a piece of paper and a pen by - for ideas start to take the "Aha!" dance floor! So, go on, find some healthy re-de-focus daily exercise and you will have a win-win with and for yourself 7 days a week!

(Photo: Mateja Kramar, "Aha!" moment at Märjelensee)

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