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Snowshoeing in a Fairytale Forest

The less you expect, the better positive surprise comes. To take or not to take my snowshoes!? Packed them and my sticks and all the additional equipment that comes by. And it paid off on all 4 areas: Powder snow after a snowy night, solitude in the middle of the week, spotless sunny sky and a fairytale forest route. INCREDIBLE!

My starting point was Bettmeralp, my beloved positive spot. Directly by the lift on the top I took a steep route up into the snowy woods. Completely alone, all the pine trees covered needle by needle in fresh frozen snow. I cold see by the tree trunks that it must have been around 250 cm of snow. Without snowshoes I could not walk there. I could only disappear, swallowed by the fresh snow. The route was marked with some pink straps hanging from the tree branches to guide us where to go.

Another day, another hike, another natural wonder to save deeply into my heart and my memory forever. In between I came up all the way to the top of my hike on on open white field. And back into the woods, an old forest with "hairy" branches, silver white and some greyish green .... simply amazing.

Snowshoeing is still one of the most soul fulfilling sports. Beside the silence of the water that comes naturally with snow, you can also reach areas of virgin snow, untouchable regions, peaceful silence and time for your inner self. In a way mountings as usual in my way of going alone, on the other side winter and snow is bringing this extra silence and peace. Calm and slowness. Introverted time to redevelop from within.

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