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Sunnegga and the Snow Labyrinth

Sunegga means the sunny corner. Probably no need to say I was surrounded with a lot of sun and a lot of corners.

After so much snow after so many years it was worth going visit this south western port of Switzerland more times than usual this winter. From anyway beautiful mountain area with Swiss diamond Matterhorn standing out is this area only more of a white fairytale under 3 meters of snow.

From Zermatt up to Sunegga hike and down on a round route back to Zermatt. A terrific winter hike. The height of snow is noticeable only when you see that only a half top of the house is looking out of the white thick layer of new ground.

Routes are becoming channels, white walls reflecting the sun light. I stopped a couple of times from top down, only to let my views last longer.

What not to love on such a day, in such an environment, in such beauty, in such perfection. Only breath deeply, inhale the beauty, exhale all the thoughts. Especially doubts of everyday life.

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