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Over the Frozen Lake- The UNESCO ICE WALK

The winter this year is again a seriously beautiful one. National red Swiss colour on tables, flags and signs, by so much white, so much blue and some evergreen in between looks like calendar posters that look usually as postcards from heaven.

Frozen Lake is Unesco ICE WALK that goes over the Oeschlninensee above Kandersteg in Berner Oberland. A beautiful spot to walk around surrounded by high mountains and endless white space. In winter so, in summer all green and brilliant lake in the middle.

Cold this day made my steps "crunchy" and I had to be careful not to return when shadow falls on me, because only sun was making thus winter hike so beautiful and kind. When sun went down behind the mountain, the shadow fell and clouds form the valley lifted up. Wind started to blow and I put all my scarves, gloves and clothes on, started hiking faster not to allow becoming too cold. Winter is beautiful till sun is making the company. When the sun gets busy, winter becomes hungry for warmth, shows her teeth and takes the warmness from us who walk around and seek the first place to hide.

The softer is the winter sun and the hardest is the winter shadow and the coldest the winter winds. Beauty needs its ugly side to shine. Like the light need darkness to be seen as bright.

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