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Branding is Storytelling

A brand is a story. Branding is storytelling. Amazing, touching, moving, interesting and outstanding stories. Stories with purpose and impact. Stories that make business get up and dance. And the customers join the dance floor.

A brand story is the heart of the brand, storytelling is the bloodstream. The heart (aka brand manager or storyteller) must pump the blood in order to keep the body/company alive.

BUT, most of the brands have:

1) bad story

2) fake story

3) no story

Without a story, a brand it going to die. Companies are selling their products/services via loose-loose (not win-win) aggressive marketing tools. Annoying, pushing, aggressively disturbing ways. On the end as we have 300 days a year Sale, Promotion, Action, Membership Offer, Discount, Seasonal Offer ... actually a real war on the dance floor.

Companies can not do marketing without any knowledge of sociology, psychology or neuro-marketing. Without storytelling, empathy or soft skills. Without knowing and understanding their clients, their customers and the potential that is out there. Customers, so we, the consumers, are highly sensible beings, have all the openness, are prepared, even waiting to be touched, to be understood, to be engaged, to be invited to dance and perhaps even appreciated or loved by the brand and its company vision.

A touching, purposeful and meaningful brand story will always win the aggressive advertising, the flood of pop-up banners where our eyes are only searching the small x in its corners or "close" to get rid of these intruders and all the bombarding video ads that have no other recall than "Skip Ad" in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 seconds that seem like eternity.

The generations x, y and z are tending to buy "NO BRAND", NO NAME or brandless products. "Selling" is out. Sales Managers or "Buy me!" screamers are deceased before they press the START button.

The future consumers are people who say: NO BRANDS, no pushing, no convincing, no trends, no manipulation, no calling, no mailing, no newsletters, no banners, no customer cards, no bonuses, no discounts, no sales, no special offers, no "if-then", no fake, no b**l s**t, no, no, no, and NO!!!!!

Hm. Now what? Then what?

Make a brand story that people will want to be a part of! The story that will take their breath away! Build the interesting content. So that people-cutomers-consumers will call you, will write you, will search for you. Not vice versa. Make them curious. Engage them. Because people are the core of branding. If you, the brand owner will not do it, some xyz influences will. Do you really want to give your brand shaping in someone else's hands? I hope not.

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