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Carona Colors

Little village like a huge living room in its warmth transformed into the itinerary of one woman. She brought such life into the quiet village above Lugano Lake. Life, caught in the photography, where moments are frozen forever.

Stopping in front of each photo you feel like you were there. Each photo invites you to enter, to talk, to be there. Such a story transported through the moments into other part of the world.

How I found it? I didn't. I found myself there. I was on my way to Lugano, thinking what to discover new. So I took a bus up to the hill villages and took exit at the last station and walk on. And all of a sudden, I enter the labyrinth of some other world, of some energy that shined out of the walls so that the walls almost moved. The city way empty, quiet, mostly on siesta or working in the cities close to Corona.

There was an adventure, a story told on the walls through the photography. A world so far and so close at the same time. Photography brings life and frozen moments closer. It moves. Definitely moved me.

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