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Moving Office

My office is where my mind is. Usually 24/7.

Most of my "Tadam!" intuitive work, "Wow!" creative writing, "Why? What? Who?" stories and "Aha!" ideas pop up outside. In the nature. Where the right side of the brain goes off, swimming, hiking, flying. Alone or with the similar crazy creative people. What happens later inside, is only the echo of the singing minds. Where the left and the right side of the brain work as a great tandem. Today I am exploring Arosa. And write a brand story for a brilliant startup team.

"Dear Technology, thank you for existing, letting us work like we always wanted. Keep on developing! Sunny regards from the pure Nature, our most creative office. FYI, dear amazing technology, we are in fact helping you to develop. 😊 Yours sincerely, Mateja&the crazy minds 😚"

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