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Train hard, Win easy

I was hiking the whole day, much longer and higher than I expected or planned. But the weather was great. I had a feeling that it is the last real summer day this year. And it really was. Next day Autumn arrived earlier than it used to. Temperatures dropped for 15 degrees and more. Rain and fog came. So this was the day when I was aware that I have to give all I can and more. Like it would be not only the last summer day, but my last day, my last hike. I had an amazing hiking summer this year, I can only be grateful from all my heart. I look humble and sincere forward to the sunny Autumn days when hiking must be planned, must be more careful and the days get shorter.

All together, I was most of my day here alone. Above Lenzerheide up to Rothorn and on the other side towards Arosa.

I could reflect all I have done and all I plan to do. So I tried to put in words my state of mind in life, my learning experience that brought me where I am today. Professionally or private, is anyway one and the same to me. If you love your work, you live it.

My attitude, my state of mind goes like this:

When you think about giving up, raise your goals. When you're in a rush, slow down. When you're tired, go running. When you fall, take is as an opportunity to bounce up. When something is over, it is also the new beginning.

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