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Over the Monte Rosa Massiv

I feel like a dot who daily goes for a walk to become a line. Over and over again. I keep on drawing lines that are my unique walking, hiking, climbing ways, roads, paths, curves, ups, downs, cik caks, passages, bridges, cliffs, rivers, lost and found tracks, lost the old and found the new Mateja. Daily transformations. Over and on and off and out and again. The more new routes I walk, the more I realize I was nowhere yet. It is the same thing as with learning or reading. As my friend Voltaire figured it out some weeks ago: “The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing.” I never plan the line. I only plan the starting dot. Which is me at home. So no plan, just me - the Dot. The line I will be drawing, aka hiking, is only an idea, a wish, a dream. Only a push button to start the action. The actual line later is usually pretty far away from the plan as I let the "Aha!" moments take me their way. And mostly I do not follow the marked guiding signs. So I can discover more. I love to take chances and be led by the higher kicks. You might call them hunches, the Universe, God, guts, feeling, intuition, 7th sense, hints or simply not giving a f*ck, let me go and let me be. Be surprised, newly experienced and joyful above all. And come back with yet another juicy adventure - my new story of the day.

This line was drawn in Valais, Switzerland. On the Swiss Tour Monte Rosa, over the Monte Rosa Massiv. It is a round tour from the Saas Fee to Zermatt and back. All together 54km, ussually taken in 3 days. The route is amazing. The views are breathtaking. Not easy at all, but worth every step, every short breath and every muscle pain. I would not advise anyone being too smart and going on this tour without 100% checking the weather conditions. And even with the best weather, still have lots of water with you, fair amount of healthy energy snacks and some extra T-shirt and socks. Depending on your own experience and self knowledge, of course. Although I love coincidences and less planning, I would and will plan this route better next time. I only wanted to go for a short part at first, but it charmed me so much that I went further and further till my knees could not go any further that day. So I am grateful to my knees whispering me to repeat this hike soon again. Next time prepared. Some things just need to be planned. We all know, even with the best plans, everything can happen, but you are wiser, more ready, safer and happier on the end.

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