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Mountain Love

Dear Mountains, my beloved way of life

Spending so much time together Just You and me, in silence high above Under the wide breathing open sky

I am aware You really know me well I let my heart be open with You, You can tell My soul pure naked, boldly undismayed Yet sometimes still a bit shaky and too afraid

It looks like I will to be discovering You Your soul, Your ways, all my life, my precious days The more I touch You, the more I get to know You More endless my curiosity, stronger eagerness of mine

Your plans with me seem to have no limits Your goals for me set high, much higher than my mind This time You have chosen where I climb This time You decided, it is my time to fly

Today You push me further, steeper, up and high Let us this be our passionate memory of one daring try Keep me safe, please, every step of my unknown way And hold me tight, please, if you see me falling or too scared


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