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Planet Dolomiti

Dolomiti, Alto Adige-Südtirol, Italia. 365 days a year offer something worth going, staring, staying. They are an incredible part of the Alps. Like an illusion. Mountain peaks, valleys, passes, rivers, lakes, glaciers, forests, trails, landscapes. We always have our next Dolomiti trip in the corners of our minds already while we are still there. Why? Because it is the easiest way to move around and not pause and stare all the time, at each amazing spot, totally astonished. You have to force yourself to leave some incredible places and sceneries to see some more of this small, yet big territory. It is easier to leave an incredible view behind when knowing you will come back soon. Every time we return, we find something new. Some new spots, some new peaks, some new hikes, some new ways for us. Even if they are the same, the light is different, the season is different, we are different. All is changing and staying the same at once. As all wonderful things, also Dolomiti are full of wonders.

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