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Zermatt is a cute village that combines top expensive tourism on one side and old simple residents and easy backpackers on the other side. Hidden places in the village and small herbal gardens, teddy bears on the windows, wooden old swings in the backyards and simple life are the signs that make Zermatt charming little place. Normal priced bars, kind attitude and approachable people make Zermatt a friendly place to return often to.

Mountains around are stunning, no doubt. And famous Matterhorn deserves all the attention that it has. For it is amazing. Even seeing it so many times, it takes my breath away all over again.

You can very simply find the paths around to walk all by yourself. As soon as you take some distance from the village and from the railway to Gornergrat, you are surrounded with the pure silence and views to kill. Matterhorn loves to put his cloudy coat around himself in the afternoons. Sometimes even covers himself completely. For those from another part of the globe, who come to see it live all the way, it must be a disappointing experience. Or a great reason to come back. As I do so often.

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