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From Engelberg to Wolfenschissen

Some places are so amazing and so perfect that you almost miss some mistakes in them. But in the nature there are no mistakes. Perfection is a human invention of constant longing for better, not being able to simply except the existing as it is. Without perusing for anything different. When you learn and start excepting things and situations as they are, at the beginning you are actually missing something. Miss complaining, improving, correcting, adding or taking away. And then all of a sudden it disappears. You simply are. Time stops when you pause. And all the beauty or each moment appears. Beautiful things are not seen to those who rush or complain.

Since I always say: “One of the most fantastic trips!”, I will now just say: “Wow!”. On one side I know that the trip, hike or route might be wonderful by checking out what can be checked. On the other side there are so many factors that can turn my day or route upside down. More or less I find new places to discover by some coincidence reading or searching for something totally not connected with it. And trust my guts on how and where is best to start. And hope to get lost on the perfect timings to find the yet undiscovered treasures or views.

If I see the weather will be great plus hopefully I will be lucky and there won`t be any crowd, my day is the mountains is going to be fabulous. And so it was this time. This hiking took me around 6 hours with no real break, but with lots of off-route curious ways. The air was super fresh after some rainy days with this clean view and vivid colors. There were only a couple of clouds on the sky for an even more photogenic scenery.

The view all the way is incredible. Breathtaking scenery over the mountains, valleys and hills around. I was expecting some storms in the afternoon, so I did not want to stop or stay on one spot for too long. I know all too well how the storm could come in minutes in the mountains. For the next time I know, I will take this route for the whole day. Breath and swallow every inch of the view. For it is way too beautiful to be just hiked from point A to B. And I will certainly go one time in the opposite direction since it always looks like a totally new route, just familiar in some corners. I think both ways pretty soon.

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