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Voralpsee Dream

I wanted to see this lake again after a long time. After 8 years or so. It has some special energy. Some peacefulness and natural solitude. I was here so many times, experienced both sun and foggy rain. Water in any shape or state balances me. It calms me. Even the energetic huge waterfalls are calming. Probably cooling down my fire and energy.

Voralpsee is hiding above Grabs in canton St.Gallen. It is a bit hidden, mostly popular by locals. Very Swiss, very clean and picturesque. High hills around the lake are looking at their reflection in the water surface, like in a mirror, quiet and smooth. Greenish and deep blue colours of the lake are adding to its magic, oh, it is such an amazing place.

I walked around, pick some forest berries, sit there for a while. I have to sleep over there one day, to experience both night and early morning fairytale. Probably I would escape as the forest creatures would come and greet me, ask it I want a piece of their crunchy cake :)

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