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Natural Spectacle of the Gorges de l'Areuse

The amazing persistence of water, its power and time made this amazing spectacle, the Areuse Gorge. I started my trip in Noiraigue, a tiny little village. When you arrive there for the first time it feels like you are lost in the middle of nowhere. As usually, I went hiking during the week, so I could catch every sound of silence and solitude. Interrupted only with the water flows, birds singing and spend my day with the natural wonders and myself.

I was so "lucky" that I picked the only couple of days of the year when the famous old stone bridge is closed due to repairs around it. That could only be the sign of yet another adventure. Since I am slowly learning to follow my instincts, I went to the little kiosk shop on the train station, with no special reason. Pure curiosity. Two or three shelves were full of the local products. Cheese, salami, dry meats, home made chocolates, sweets, home made bread, 27 sorts of the local famous Absinth, detailed maps, drinks and even a local ice-cream. I was checking the maps a bit and I realised that I am again in a region of many, many and more "Wanderwege". Since I had a plan to walk for one day only and not for a week, I just casually asked the Lady where is the best to start and end the route. And she (even more casually) mentioned that the main route, my daily goal, was closed. Hm!? She explained me on the map where should go around and return back and I said to myself: "A piece of cake, I have a map on my phone anyway. No problem!" But, another coincidence again: NO INTERNET CONNECTION in the gorge. That is why it is called "the gorge". Your mind has to narrow of too much unnecessary and too easy available information in order to re-expand your basic orientation brain capabilities. If this is or was existing in the first place :) And off I went!

Instead of 2,5 hours, it took me around 5 hours. Yes, "Der Weg ist Das Ziel", I kept repeating to myself. I just didn't`t take the right left where I should have, plus I insisted to see the old stone bridge anyway. So I was climbing and hanging of the cliffs some extra hour, rolling in bushes another hour. I have met some guardian Angels on the way who kept me safe while I was jumping where I shouldn't. But: I saw the old stone bridge from one corner while hanging from one old tree. No photos from there, since I had no balls to take my phone out of the safe pocket while hanging over the gorge and above the water.

Anyway, the trip was amazing. And I always find, in every situation, something to be grateful for. Especially when the surprising coincidences are not the nicest ones. Like the closed road that day. And I was immediately and sincerely grateful that I have a perfect reason to come back again asap and that I will be forced to take the route that I would otherwise not taken. What else do I want?! And it was really amazing! The week after I repeated this route, I went with Tomi via the classical way. All perfect, the old stone bridge was seen, touched, photographed, experienced. Extra fun and joy when we are together anyway. But it seems that I am almost hoping or looking forward to some surprising coincidences on my ways in life, so that I can discover something that would self initiatively not dare to provoke or try. Not yet.

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