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Coffee & Co.

My story with coffee is not a story at all. It is more like a poem. A “YES-NO” game or a “ON-OFF” relationship. I never liked coffee, not the smell, not the taste. Ok, perhaps some are ok. More milky, caramel, vanilla or cardamon aroma. Is that still coffee?

I did always like the “coffee effect”. I don`t really care if it is a placebo effect or a true energy booster. It makes me super alive, extra fast kicking and focused for a short period. Coffee is also an ultimate appetite repressor for me. Which is good when I really need to work focused, longer or simply be super fast and effective. Coffee with milk, no sugar. So there are some carbs and protein to keep me going. Because when I eat, my brain, my whole body is too happy to work. Too relaxed. All my blood goes from the brain directly to my stomach. And OFF go all the ideas, plans and intentions till the food is processing and taking over the stage.

And coffee is great before training. Especially when I combine yoga, stretching and weights. Which is a total "no go" for me with a full or half full stomach. Only coffee with milk or cream and perhaps a banana and go-go-go, jumpy-kick-fly! So I do my workout at my best. Adding some flaxseed or coconut oil makes it a top energy healthy bomb. Perhaps also because I dream about the indulging part that follows.

I still say: “Shall we meet for a coffee?”. It is a cliche for "Let`s meet!". "Coffeeing" means socialising. No-one noticed (probably) that I don`t ever drink coffee in a bar or restaurant. But now that I have a fancy Nespresso machine at home, I drink it often. Not even close to any real strong Italian or Turkish coffee. ​I think it is more of a creative play with capsules, tastes, milk foam, aroma syrups and spices. Definitely it is a good boost up. Good for pushing up the blood pressure. Gets you going. Does not matter if as a mind game or the real thing. Listen to yourself and go for it. No sugar. If you can. Sure you can!

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