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My Life Tips

1) Don`worry. Worrying is only robbing your soul, your time and everyone around you.

2) Life - you are doing it right! There is no rule. Not following your heart is the only wrong way.

3) Find what and how works for you best. Your life is unique, unrepeatable.

4) Make yourself comfortable. With people, home and work. They should make your life easy and enjoyable.

5) Be kind and gentle with yourself. Treat yourself nice. Forgive yourself.

6) Don`t regret anything. All there was, was meant to be to create you the way you are (becoming).

7) Do your best. Love with all your heart. Forgive with all your soul.

8) Spend as much time as possible in the nature and with nature. Treat it with respect.

9) Laugh a lot. Cry when you feel like. Hug your loved ones and let them hug you.

10) Spend every day some time alone. In the solitude and silence you will meet and get to know yourself.

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