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Strasbourg Christmas gourmet

Strasbourg is a city with its fairytale old centre. I should always go there dressed in my imaginative style. Something like a funky big red hat, one green and one violet shoe, a big balloon skirt and a cardigan full of colourful braids hanging off and jumping around me. Then I would hide in the narrow streets, whispering funny names and pretending I am attending a secret forest dwarfs' meeting in 12 minutes. In this crazy world nobody would even notice me probably.

Strasbourg is an Alsatian mixture of tranquility and liveliness. A combination of lonely narrow streets and central markets full of touristic shops that offer somehow similar gifts and unnecessary, but funny stuff. And then there are the gourmet corners, bakeries, chocolate boutiques, and a fromagerie or a boulangerie at every other corner. It all looks, smells and tastes delicious. Their sandwiches are out of this world! Their bread is the secret. I eat them when I am half full already so I only have some extra storage for only two and a half of them. Otherwise I would take them all. My yummy sandwich collection.

Christmas market here is one of the most amazing in the region. Full of small fairytale characters. Fairies, bears, deers, funny creatures, snowmen, owls and other cute forest winter souls are decorating the old wooden shelves. Markets between houses that look like cookies, windows that shine candle lights and warm places that invite to sit with a cup of chocolate chaud, vin chaud or ginger tea ... mmmm .... time to reflect, time to pause, time to enjoy. Hey, don`t forget your cute big red hat on a bank beside you. Because you will miss it. In Strasbourg.

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