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Hike Toward My Stars

Life does not become easier Just you become stronger Transitions does not become logical Just you inside become more peaceful World does not look more beautiful Just your eyes open wider People do not become nicer Just you develop forgiveness Your friends do not switch You just choose better people People do not smile or hug you more It is your spirit that only accepts positive Your lifestyle does not become better Just your priorities become smarter You do not look younger and fresher You just take care of yourself better Your sixth sense does not fall off the sky Just you start listening to your heart Your life does not reform its meaning Just your experiences lead you to your path You do not become your true self You always were you and are always changing You do not become more sensitive You only start to listen more attentive You do not become more vulnerable You just become more authentic You do not realize late what your purpose is That only is your life hike towards your stars He does not love you more and deeper It is only you that surrender to him completely.

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