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I don't want to write about things that are obvious or that you can find on internet. I write about my own experience, feelings and thoughts around my trips. How certain places, people or things make me feel. What kind of inspiration I get or got.

Trieste is for me a great escape. Escape in all positive senses. Only an hour drive from Ljubljana, so I loved to "jump" there after work when I felt like the seaside salty senses would do me good. The energy, the intense relaxation of Trieste, of Italy. Only for a switch-off, a cappuccino or an Ice-Cream. All that as a part of a lovely and lively Italian spirit. Its vivid flair. There is always something happening. Not urgent or panic kind of, but engaged, energetic, enthusiastic, in action, always moving. People are in the afternoons and evenings contagiously relaxed, enjoying a glass of Prosecco or a local fresh white wine or a simple snack and a fancy Aperol. But they always look like they are in a rush or stressed. I love that. The combination of "Takeiteasy" and "Subito!". It seems like they have a bad conscience for being so easygoing and in siesta-mood, that they pretend or exaggerate with their way of walking, talking and hands waving. It is simply in their sanguine Italian genes. It is their generic way of enjoying the beautiful simple gifts of life.

Like: "Yes, life is stress, sometimes it is hard, but we love life and all about it. We love passionately. We hate passionately. We feel all with an adjective "VERY". We argue, so we can then make it up, make some drama, then hold each other and go for a triple long drinks ending with even greater love. We complain a lot and we praise even more. We judge and we are judged. We cry, we scream, we laugh. We are loud. We live. We are alive with all senses that are available for a human being."

That is how I feel and see Italians.

Trieste: something unique. Italian. Italia is under my skin and I have to go there often. Inhale their sun and clouds, colours and shadows. Their perfection in their unperfected way. Contradiction that lives and joy hand in hand. Pure love of life. Unbeatable beauty and design.

Trieste. It has sea, great coffee, amazing people, long quiet docks, hundreds boutiques of lost and useless stuff. Hundreds of shops with small little things that make your life even more enjoyable. Like the most charming hair pin or crazy coloured bikini or the sexiest stilettos. Or 11 slices of local melting thing sliced prosciutto, a ball of soft mozzarella di buffala or a mortadella sandwich with radicchio di Treviso e fungi. Endless options. The same things bought or eaten somewhere else than locally are not the same. You have to be there. With its local air together, the warm sun and salty air, all makes its special sense. Over and over again. Every time different, yet always the same. Contradiction, I told you! :)

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