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To my Babi Otilija

As a girl, I used to spent every June&July in Piran with my Grandparents. And as my daily childhood routine, I had lots of adventure and fun with my Grandmother (Babi) Otilija. She thought me all about easy survival, being unique-myself, good sense of humor, laud laughter and all about life, that should never be taken seriously. So I picked a stone where we used to watch the sunset in Piran. And I painted it for her this morning. I know she would love that! No candles or flowers or similar "deadly" nonsense. Today is her 110. birthday!! :) "HAPPY, FUNNY, FOOLISH as ever birthday, my dear Babi, dear Otilija :) Somehow I know, you miss me, too. Even though we meet every day, in a way. Today I will bring my quasi art to your grave. I know you are not there. You are thousand things I love around me. But I know, you will come to check it out ;) For fun. That I know for sure. And that you will hug me and smile. "Of course, what else?!" you would say :) Aja, I was in Preserje&Branik with Tomi last week, and I have found our super family! I keep on digging for our roots! I know that you know, just in case you were busy ;) Or you forgot to check my webpage ;)

Slovensko pismo ti napišem posebej, Babi ... pa saj to itak veš :)

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