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2.01 Sorts Of Companies/People

There are 2.01 sorts of companies/people:

The first is the biggest group: they act as expected, take no risk, sustain status quo, follow even nonsense rules, look selfishly for their own good only, want to fit in, need titles for their (fake) security, fear change, have big egos, detest competition, will do everything to prevent any shaking of their "safe" chairs.

The second is a smaller group: they do little/nothing, play against rules, are aggressive to win their right, risk everything, have no focus, want overnight success, ignore & fake education, are narcissistically pretentious, disrespectful, play wannabe entrepreneurs but have no clue about life, people and the world.

Third is the 0.01% - the bridge of positive energy, entrepreneurship spirited doers, shakers, believers, different thinkers, misunderstood visionaries, change makers. Lifelong learners, street-smart risk takers, constant improvers, courageous empaths, selfless helpers, injustice breakers. Disrupters, positive players, innovators, bruised by experience, leaders, mentors, compassion driven champions.

I will meet you on this bridge; to shake together the world from good to great, from deprive to thrive, from fear to dare, from ignorance to care, from intension to action, from cry to smile.


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