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Empathy As Part Of Early Education

🇩🇰 ❤️Schools in Denmark have mandatory empathy classes as part of the official curriculum.

💜 I am sure there are no evil people in the world. These are “only” unhappy people. #Happy, deeply content people can not be mean.

💔 Unhappy people are the source of all misery in the world resulting in domestic disputes, unethical business, political corruption, bullying, criminal, jealousy, anger, envy, ignorance, revenge, cynicism, arrogance etc.

🧡Empathy helps build relationships, prevent bullying and succeed at work. It promotes the growth of #leaders, entrepreneurs and managers.

❤️ 🇩🇰 Denmark’s #education system has included mandatory classes teaching #empathy to their students aged 6 to 16 since 1993, where students learn to help their classmates and compete only with themselves.

💚 What many people don’t realise is that empathy is a learned skill, and that teaching empathy from a young age has not only been proven to make children more emotionally and socially competent, it also greatly reduces bullying and can also help them be more successful as adults in the future.

💙 It’s all about their upbringing. Danish parents raise happy children who grow up to be happy adults who raise happy children and the cycle repeats itself.


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