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Language of the Nature

We speak over 6500 languages, but the language of nature is understood only by a few.

Those who speak to trees, animals or waters, look insane to those who can not hear the nature‘‘s voice .

Nature is giving us subtitles in thousand forms: winds whispering or shouting, "body" language though soils, trees, leaves and millions of plants showing us how they feel. And through the millions of animals who are clearly expressing how they feel.

Very rare are those who not only understand animals but can speak back to them, develop deep connections and relationships with them 🙏🍀

All spices speak to each other and are interconnected. Human is the only animal that arrogantly excluded itself from the communication with nature. Nature speaks to us clearly through hurricanes, fires, tides, earthquakes, tornados, draughts, floods ... showing us its joy or pain, its flourishing or fear of dying.

Majority of people choose to live without the nature's subtitles and don't even try to learn to understand its language.

Perhaps now, when our planet is dying, leaders of the world will stop with their vain and selfish "pro climate" blah blah PR and will finally really do something.

At least start to listen to those who speak the language of nature and are begging to save our planet.

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