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Summer Mode around Lago di Como

When we switch to summer time and the sun is shining like it wants to win the planetary Olympics, then even the world winning pessimists smile (accidentally or subconsciously) and professional complainers become speechless (anticipating what will most probably go wrong). 😃😉

It seems logically connected (for most): great weather 👉 great mood.

But: bad weather 👉 good mood ... well “What kind of pills are you taking, honey?!?!” 😃🤣

As a dog lover&owner, and with my adopted “dog logic”, every day is a happy playful day! Perhaps not 24/7, but there is always something positive to find. If not, try practicing gratitude or upside down thinking 😊🙏

With dog‘s mindset there are no (weather) excuses to unplug the “Carpe diem!” positive attitude and be a couch potato stuffed with self-pity.

And again: last March weekend 👉hitting the road to Italy where the sanguine moods are always easy to find. You attract what you are, remember?!

New gelato aromas, new olala villages, new „Ahaaa!!“ roads. Switzerland - a top location in the European diversity!

Modus operandi for interesting life: always take the road less travelled. It’s the best way to feed curiosity, count experiences and creat great stories! 😎

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