Appear Smart In Meetings

January 9, 2019

We have this poster with 10 tips in our meeting space. It helps different "experts" who would like to give advise/consulting to "appear smart (and then send ridiculously high invoices for consulting).

But official consulting companies are mastering “smartness” anyway. I think they even invented these tricks in the first place, beside making PPT presentations with big titles, repeating buzz words and trendy expressions, make lots of useless graphics, colorful charts and even stock photos.

(Minimalistic pure) design seems to be a kind of distraction for cluelessness. Beside a "serious" outfit (whatever that means), sharp looking glasses and a “visionary” title. Certain industries are really experts in pretending and talking bullsh**! And they are even paid for it! A lot!


Amusing part: I also see many super smart engineers and real experts and enthusiasts pretending they appreciate quasi advices, nodding on the border of bursting into laughter, just to see how far the “consultants” dare to go in “paying smart” game. 

BTW: These tricks work even better if no-one in the room has a clue what is it about, except one or two. Comedy guaranteed! 😊




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