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The Wizard of Oz - The wizard is in us

"The Wizard of Oz" premiered on this day in 1939. What a beautiful story and movie! One of the greatest films in cinema history. I think they were a great team, each of them going through a transformation and change: wizard without power, lion without courage, tin man without heart and scarecrow without brain. They all get what they want at the end. And Dorothy learns to stand for herself, to confront the evil (witch) directly. Movie also shows great teamwork! They stick together and support each other. Through all the hurdles and rocky roads, fears, obstacles and inner fights. They make it! They never (even think to) give up. Lots of subtile meanings are in every fairytale, useful for our real lives. Being able to keep the curious and creative child in us through all life is actually the greatest gift we have. We must take care of our inner child and not let our grown up stiff and serious minds steal all the magic, possibilities, beauty and dreams that can be seen only through our child's eyes. The good witch Glinda said to Dorothy: "You had the power all along, my dear!". We don't need any magic, no red shoes, no pretending, no "if only". It is all about our hearts, brains and courage. Power is in us already! We just need to trust ourselves and our gut feelings.

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