August 11, 2018

Until 10 years ago Ljubljana was my home town for 35 years. Funny calculation since I am/feel 22,5  🤔 
Ah, numbers are boring. 

Being away, out of sight keeps some kind of mystery and attraction and nostalgic feelings, but you certainly grow apart, become strangers and love becomes some kind of a blurry passion. It feels sometimes that memories of the good times are the only thing that keeps the flame kindling inside. 


As always in the summer: the unbearable daily heat calms down in the evening and becomes a great excuse for sexy “almost not there” outfits. Darkness and tanned skin hide imperfections, evening orange lights put the shadows on just the right places. Sea salt helps the hair having that “out of bed - couldn’t care less - am I cool or what” looks for many girls and boys flip flopping by. Melting ice-cream is simply useless in the summertime, mixed fruit drinks are evaporating, all seems way too sweet and sticky, so water and ice are the winning couple to cool the heat down.

XXS shorts, frisky skirts, see-through dresses and quasi shrunken tops are helping heart’s rate rock ‘n roll, men's necks to break, drinks to choke and chin to drop for the curious observers. Long legs and ponytails are shutting down even the full of crap “keynote speakers” down in town. 

My bruised and scabbed elbows and knees from “I am sure I can climb/jump here” moments are my normal summer tattoos. Leaving new memories as scars on exposed corners of my body. Mosquito bites, itching and scratching keep my cursing vocabulary fabulously creative and rich. I can even invent some new juicy ones. 

“Čau! Kva ‘uta spila?” sounds like we everyone know each other in the little village down by the river. Finding grammar or misspelling mistakes on the Slovenian printed bottle labels is my hobby. There is always something to find and have a good laugh. “Čau! Kva ‘uta spila?” sounds like everyone  know each other in the little village down by the river. 
“Čau! Kva ‘uta spila?” sounds like everyone  know each other in the little village down by the river. 
Life perfectly slows down, moments of happiness and hope are felt in the evening of my “all-same-yet-it-feels-all-different” ex-town of mine.

Ljubljana, a perfect town if you are able to calm down perfectionism and focus on the relaxed mood where a combination of lazy complainers and visionary doers make the town nicely balanced. And definitely the best own for ice cream connoisseurs and gourmands. 





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