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Laugh off!

Every week that has only one Friday in it should be devoted to daily doses of humour! At work, at home, at yourself, with your friends, with your colleagues and even when it looks all too bizarre to be true.

Don't take life too seriously! And don't take yourself too seriously. Good exercise is: Pretend that you only live once and you will see how much more joy you invest in laugher, playing and breathing. And invest less in anxiety, overthinking and worry. Because there is no time for that. In seven days it is Friday again! Trust me! And always on time everywhere, not only in Switzerland! Sense of humour is a what will take you through life on a long run. The harder the situation, the more humour helps. It is even very healthy: lowers blood pressure, reduces cortisol, strengthens immunity. It increases a sense of positive self-esteem, it is contagious, it fosters creativity, it provides "happy" hormones: dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin and endorphins. It burns calories, stabilises blood sugar levels and increases oxygen supply in the brain. It trains stomach muscles! It creates beautiful laughing wrinkles - they are your proof of LIFE full of life! So, stop reading this and laugh off! ;-)

That's all folks! Happy weekend! Epiuikend! (as French say)

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